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Gateways to Opportunity Trainings



This page contains Registry application information, Registry-approved trainings and Illinois Trainers Network (ITN) Trainings.


 For technical assistance with online learning courses please visit our Online Learning Technical Assistance page.



Early Math Matters: Math at Home Online Courses


This eight-course online curriculum introduces caregivers to mathematical concepts such as math literacy, number sense, patterns, geometry, measurement, data collection and math processes. Each lesson also includes tips on setting up a math-enriched environment, as well as animations, interviews with math experts, videos of children and teachers in classroom settings and links to the Math at Home website. 


Please click the link below for more information about completing the entire series of modules.


Early Math Matters




 ECE Credential Level 1 Online Orientation and Training:


The Gateways ECE Credential Level 1 training provides an opportunity to gain knowledge about the daily practices of high-quality child care practitioners.  This training is for individuals working with or seeking to work with young children.

The ECE Level 1 curriculum consists of 16 two-hour modules.  The following represent some of the topics presented:


  • Health, Safety, and Nutrition
  • How Children Learn
  • Observation and Assessment
  • Family and Community Relations
  • Child Development
  • The School-Age Child


The Online ECE Credential Level 1 training modules can be completed in any order as needed.  Please click the link below to review the modules and information about completing the entire series for ECE Credential Level 1.


ECE Credential Level 1 Online




Health and Safety Trainings:


Emergency Preparedness for Child Care

In this training, participants will identify State and Federal licensing standards, requirements and supports regarding emergency preparedness, including those related to fire, weather, toxins, and community violence. This training offers assistance in outlining appropriate program policies and procedures that address the four stages of emergency preparedness. Participants will also be able to demonstrate the use of available tools and resources when developing an emergency preparedness plan.


Content Hours: 1

Enrollment: Open to all Gateways to Opportunity Registry members

Click here for Emergency Preparedness for Child Care online training



Integrated Pest Management in Child Care Facilities Online Training


Midwest Pesticide Action Center in collaboration with the Illinois Network of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies, has developed an online learning module to provide all Illinois child care providers with an overview of pest control strategies and requirements.  In this presentation you will become familiar with what the laws are for pest control in childcares, be provided with a general overview of what Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is, and receive a list of the basic steps for putting an IPM program in place.  Ultimately, the goal of this presentation is to provide you with the tools you need to reduce the exposure of you and the children you care for to pests and pesticides.


Content Hours: 1

Enrollment: Open to all Gateways to Opportunity Registry members

Click here for Integrated Pest Management online training



We Choose Health NAP SACC Training

The We Choose Health NAP SACC online course offers providers training and technical assistance in the use and program improvement process associated with The Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care (NAP SACC). This program targets child care policy, practice and environmental influences on nutrition and physical activity behaviors in young children. NAP SACC uses an organizational assessment of 14 areas of nutrition and physical activity policy, practices and environments to identify strengths and limitations of the child care facility.This course provides 8 course hours of credit and/or 1/2 credential point.


Content Hours: 8

Enrollment: Open to all Gateways to Opportunity Registry members

Click here for We Choose Health NAP SACC online training




Gateways to Opportunity Professional Development Registry Information Trainings:


Gateways Registry Membership "Are You Lost in the Missing Zone?" Online Training


The Gateways Registry online course, “Are You Lost in the Missing Zone?,” is presented by INCCRRA trainer, Mark Obuchowski.


The Gateways Registry is a powerful tool to help you stay organized and on track with all of your career professional development attainments. Registry membership has important benefits. Your individual Professional Development Record (PDR) is the most valuable benefit to you. This course will explain what a PDR is, how to develop your own Gateways PDR and how to access it online once you are a Registry member. Your PDR is accepted by DCFS as documentation for attending trainings, conferences and workshops as required by DCFS for licensing new programs and renewing your current licensed programs. Also learn how to use your PDR as a marketing tool!


Registration is required to access the online learning site (elearning.ilgateways.com).  If you have taken other Gateways online trainings, just log in and start the training.  If you are a newcomer to Gateways online trainings, just follow the instructions for creating a new account.  (Note:  This is not the same account as your Gateways Registry Membership account.)


Content Hours: 2

Enrollment: Open to all Gateways to Opportunity Registry members

Click here for Are You Lost in the Missing Zone? online training