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Welcome to the Providers page for online training. These pages includes training and resources for Child Care Providers in the state of Illinois to expand their knowledge and provide information on child care education and techniques.


Gateways i-learning Courses are divided into the following categories that can be accessed through the menu at the top of the page:


Gateways to Opportunity Trainings

These courses are Gateways Registry-approved and cover a variety of child development and early childhood education topics.  These courses do not directly fulfill ExceleRateTM Illinois standards but may count toward credentials and/or DCFS Licensing in-service requirements.


Trainings for Illinois DCFS Licensing

The courses listed in this section meet specific licensing requirements for Illinois DCFS.  The courses created by Gateways to Opportunity are also Registry-approved.  Please note that the links to trainings by DCFS are not managed or maintained by the Gateways i-learning System and the courses represented by those links may not be Registry-approved at this time.


ExceleRate™ Illinois Trainings

These courses are Gateways Registry-approved courses that meet specific ExceleRateTM Illinois standards and training requirements for licensed child care providers.  


Additional Trainings

The links in this section provide access to other organizations offering training in child development and early childhood topics.  The Gateways i-learning System is not responsible for managing or maintaining those courses.




For assistance with online learning courses please visit our Online Learning Course Assistance page.



Statewide Online Training Calendar:

The Statewide Online Training Calendar provides face-to-face training opportunities in the following categories:


RA - Gateways to Opportunity Registry-approved Training
RV - Gateways to Opportunity Registry Verified
GC - May Meet Requirements for Gateways Credential(s)
QRS - Approved for QRS
EX - Approved for ExceleRate